The Outfit I Haven’t Stopped Wearing this Month

Aviator Jacket, Baker Boy Hat, Red Boots

 Outfit Details
Jacket- Tesco;  Jumper- ASOS;  Jeans- ASOS;  Boots- New Look (old, similar here);  Hat- Topshop; Bag- New Look (old, similar here

It’s 2018 folks! And it’s only taken me a month to get a new blog post up. Hey, my first post of last year was in March- I call that progress! I’ve been very silent here, and on social media, this month- a life update is probably in order, but for now let’s settle for a good old-fashioned ramble about clothes.

I treated myself to a few new pieces in the Christmas sales and I basically haven’t taken them off for the whole month of January. Partially, this is because this month’s weather has consisted of snow storms, rain storms and temperatures that make you want to add a second duvet to your bed and wonder how many pairs of Primark’s super-cosy socks you can feasibly wear at one time.  But mostly, it’s because together, they create an awesome combo that makes me feel super-cool. (Although, while I may feel cool, I will never actually be cool. Because I am the person who uses phrases like ‘super-cool’.) 

5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Much like everyone else on the internet, I've become more than slightly obsessed with podcasts. The playlist on my podcast app is ever increasing and I love listening to them when I'm pottering around the house or travelling to work. My taste in podcasts can vary rather a lot, so there's no real theme here beyond 'what I've been enjoying recently'. I've got so many new podcasts queued up to start listening to, and one day I might delve into more genre-specific lists, but for now, here's a brief list of some of the podcasts I've been listening to recently that I think are rather good. 

August Goals

August Goals

I fully acknowledge that beginning a monthly post with a 'the last month went so quickly' comment is a clichĂ© of the most gargantuan proportions, but bloomin' eck, didn't last month go by quickly? For me, the last two months, in fact, have gone by in a blink. Having handed in my final university assignment at the end of May, time since then seems to have gone into hyperspeed, even more so than usual. 

Also, in related news, I GRADUATED! I officially have a Bsc in Psychology. I mean, it took me six years to do it but, whatever - I graduated! Now just to find a job. The fear is real.

So adios, July and hello, August. I've got a few things I want to achieve this month, which are slightly more manageable and less heavy than the aforementioned job-hunt and quarter-life crisis. 

Things You'll Understand If You're A Fashion Blogger

Mango Slogan T-shirt, Leather Jacket, Leopard Print Bag
Slogan T-shirt and leather jacket
Topshop Leopard Print Bag
Alternative title: things you do if you're a socially-awkward turtle who also likes to document their outfits.

1. Picture the scene: it's a warm, sunny day. You cheerfully go to your other half and say 'It's lovely out today, let's go for walk!'. They look at you with a sense of dread and dismay because they know that this phrase is code for  'Can we go take some outfit pictures?'.