Weekly Favourites: 8th May 2016

1. Primark Trench Coat

Lately, I've really a little bit obsessed with trench coats. I already have a navy blue one that I got in the sale from Asda a year or two ago (seriously, Asda is so under-rated for clothes. Their sales are the bomb.com), but I've recently been looking to add to my collection with one in a neutral, beigey-stone colour. After a seemingly endless hunt, I picked up this beauty in Primark. The material is much nicer and softer than any others I've seen (at least, out of the ones that don't cost more than my monthly rent) and the colour is exactly what I was after- not too warm, not too pale (someone call Goldilocks, I've found her trench coat). It also has some gorge gold detailing on the cuffs and pockets- and you know I love me some gold (I'm basically this guy).
So, I've been pretty much living in it all week. The obsession continues- now just to remind myself that I definitely don't need one in a blush pink colour...