Weekly Favourites: 8th May 2016

1. Primark Trench Coat

Lately, I've really a little bit obsessed with trench coats. I already have a navy blue one that I got in the sale from Asda a year or two ago (seriously, Asda is so under-rated for clothes. Their sales are the bomb.com), but I've recently been looking to add to my collection with one in a neutral, beigey-stone colour. After a seemingly endless hunt, I picked up this beauty in Primark. The material is much nicer and softer than any others I've seen (at least, out of the ones that don't cost more than my monthly rent) and the colour is exactly what I was after- not too warm, not too pale (someone call Goldilocks, I've found her trench coat). It also has some gorge gold detailing on the cuffs and pockets- and you know I love me some gold (I'm basically this guy).
So, I've been pretty much living in it all week. The obsession continues- now just to remind myself that I definitely don't need one in a blush pink colour...

2. Three Ingredient Pancakes

This week I've discovered a new breakfast-related obsession- three ingredient pancakes. I got this recipe from Helen Anderson (video here) and it basically blew my tiny little mind. All you need is two eggs, a banana, and some porridge oats. Stick it all in a blender, fry it up with some cooking spray and bish-bash-bosh, you've got yourself some healthy pancakes. I've tried this before without the oats and it basically just tasted like a banana flavoured omelette- not great. But these are so good- the oats really help give more of a pancakey texture.
Great for mornings when you're craving something carby but don't want to spend your day feeling like Ellie the Elephant. Call me crazy, but I almost prefer them to normal pancakes. You know- almost. Obviously, they're not exactly the same- they do taste like banana. But who doesn't like bananas? Bananas are good, dontcha know?

3. ASOS Lace-up Shoes

I'd been after a pair of shoes like these for a while, but most of the ones I'd seen recently have extra long laces that basically tie half way up your shin- not the best look on Miss Chunky Legs over here, plus I was after a pair I could wear with jeans. I found these when I was perusing ASOS recently- on sale and miraculously in stock in my size- so I did my happy dance and in my basket they popped.
I love how they look with my trusty black skinnies, but I think they'll look pretty awesome with a pair of boyfriend jeans as well. They need some wearing in so they're currently still in that sweet blister inducing phase, and they do leave me with some wicked lines on my feet when I take them off at the end of the day, but whatever. Beauty is pain, beauty is pain.

4. Marvel Movies

So Captain America: Civil War came out at the end of last week. By some miracle, I wasn't working this bank holiday Monday so the intention was to go to see it then. But sometimes, you just have those days when all motivation to leave the house has disappeared and all you want to do is stay home, hide under your slanket and eat chocolate buttons. So, instead of venturing out into the world, the bf and I basically said 'to hell with it, the cinema will be mobbed anyway' and spent our bank holiday watching Marvel movies. We made it through almost the entirety of Phase One (except for The Incredible Hulk, we don't talk about that one).
We did end up having an afternoon date on Thursday and went to see Civil War then. Spoiler alert: it was amazing. (Although it would have been better if there hadn't been two children chattering next to me the whole time. Ugh, children. I know, I'm so maternal, right?) I feel this might be a controversial opinion but: I think I may be Team Iron Man. Although really, I'm Team PleaseStopFightingMyPreciousCinnamonBuns.

5. Byron Burgers

On the aforementioned afternoon date, the boy and I went to Byron for lunch as I'd been hearing a lot of hype about it since the branch had opened in Glasgow. I wasn't expecting that much if I'm honest, because how different can it be to the other 76 burger places in Glasgow City Centre? But hubba hubba, that was a damn good burger. Not quite as good as my beloved Shake Shack, but definitely a close second. The sides, however, were pretty mouth-watering. We ordered French Fries and Onion Rings on the side to share and holy mother of god, I don't know what they put in those fries but I want to eat them every day for the rest of my life. (Me? Exaggerate? Never.) But seriously- so crispy. Delish. Much to my dismay, we had to rush off on Avenger related business (i.e. going to the cinema) so we didn't have time for dessert. However, next time we go I'm thinking Sweet Potato fries, a Caramel and Honeycomb Sundae and quite possibly an Irn Bru milkshake if they still have them. Drool.

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