What I Wore: A Summer's Day

Happy Friday, all. 

So, this post was supposed to be slightly more substantial, with lots of cute summery outfits where I get my legs out and pose in front of pretty, blurred backgrounds. Sadly, the good old Scottish weather must have heard my plans and just decided 'nah, let's not' so the clouds, quite literally, rolled in. And when the clouds roll in, the Sarah feels less inclined to venture outdoors and more inclined to stay in her pyjamas and binge watch Netflix all day. Don't judge. (Also, don't judge that I just referred to myself in the third person.)

So, as a result, this post consists of the outfit I wore for a walk in the sunshine, on the last sunny day I might see for a while (seriously, next week's forecast is looking grim). 

Kimono and Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

Black Chain Crossbody Bag

Kimono and Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

Camel Fedora and Sunglasses
There's a whole lot of Primark and New Look in this outfit- since these are the two places I shop at most, I think this sums me up pretty well. It's also almost entirely old stock that you can't really get anymore- sorry to be that person, but I'll link alternatives where I can. 

You might wonder why I'm wearing jeans on a day I claim to be warm and sunny. The answer? I have absolutely no clue how to dress for the weather. I'm especially bad with warm weather, most likely because I see so little of it. Yes, I was sweating like hell. But at least I'm not sunburnt. Swings and roundabouts. 

I picked up these jeans from Primark the other week and I'm pretty obsessed with them. I haven't a clue what fit these jeans are actually *supposed* to be but, on me, they're basically a slim fit boyfriend jean, which I'm a big fan of. They sit fairly high on the waist which is great for me (always looking to cover that belly flab) and they have just the perfect loose fit without being too baggy (not going for that heffalump look, man). You might be able to see in the pictures that the rips have panels behind them which I love because 1. it makes them look a little bit different and 2. it stops me from sticking my foot through the hole when putting them on and ruining them. My last pair of boyfriend jeans are now totally unwearable outside the house because of this problem. They are no longer rips, they are gaping holes. Maybe, if I'm lucky, this pair will actually last me more than five minutes. We shall see. 

I paired them with a plain black cami, which you can buy literally anywhere, and this floral, fringed kimono I got from New Look a couple of years ago. I have no clue if kimonos are still in fashion, I'm not a fashion guru. Thankfully, I don't really give a damn about following trends. I like it, so I'mma wear it. Cool? Cool. 

On the accessories side of things, I went for some black and gold sandals, a cross-body bag and a trusty fedora, because apparently no outfit of mine is complete without one. I picked up this camel one recently from Primark for a mere £3. I may have had to dig through a few to find one that didn't have any pulls or imperfections but hey-ho- what do you want for that price? It may not be the most summery of pieces but, whatevs, it protects my face and it's really handy on those days when my hair just won't play ball. Note that this was definitely one of those days. Ignore the grossness, my bad. 

Kimono and Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

And, on that note, I'm going to finish up here and go back to my binge-watching ways. I'm very nearly finished watching through Orange is the New Black in preparation for the new series coming next week (totally necessary, because I couldn't remember a single thing from the previous series).

Have an awesome weekend, possums! (Or a sign off that isn't totally cringey. Need to work on that one...)

Outfit Details  
 Hat - Primark (in-store only) , Kimono- New Look (old, similar here) Cami- Primark (in-store only, similar here) , Jeans- Primark (in-store only, similar here), Sandals- New Look (similar here), Bag- New Look (old, similar here), Necklace- Topshop (old, similar here)

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