5 Products to Get Glowing Skin

Glowy Skin Products

Anyone who knows me (and my makeup tastes) well knows that I am all about glowy skin. I'm totally obsessed with that glowing, radiant-from-within look. It is my jam. Lucky me, I'm blessed with skin dryer than the Sahara and, in typical 'me' fashion, I always want the exact opposite of what I have naturally. So, typically, I love me some glow giving products and tend to apply enough highlighter to blind a man. Yeah, there are occasional warm days where it just starts to look like I've just had a hardcore gym session (lol, trust me, that's never the reason), but whatevs. Give me that disco-ball look any day. 

1. Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask                             
The first step to awesome make-up is to get your skin looking awesome first. However, I'm pretty lazy so I'm all about skincare products that are quick and effective. This face mask is the bomb.com - it works fast and it leaves your skin so smooth and glowy. The texture's an odd one- it's sticky and orangey so it kind of feels like you're smearing marmalade all over your face. But don't let it put you off- believe me, it's worth it. 

I love a good liquid illuminator- they're so multi-purpose. Apply it all over as a base, mix it into your foundation, use it as a liquid highlighter on the cheekbones- or do all three and turn your head into a disco ball with ears. I tend to opt for mixing a blob into my foundation, just to add a bit of radiance all over. I've loved this one from Seventeen for many moons- it has a pink tone to it so it really brightens up the face.  

For setting my makeup, I love a good highlighting powder. For every day, I tend to  go for something slightly more matte to try and avoid that oil slick look. But if I'm really looking for glowy skin, this powder is perfect. Some people have compared these to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders- I can't comment on any comparison, because I refuse to spend £40 on an illuminating powder (although when I win the lottery, this may be revisited). But I do love using this one (sparingly, mind) to set over my makeup to give an all-over glowy look. Whether this would work on someone with darker skin, I'm not sure, but for peely-wallys like myself, it does the job nicely. For everyone else, is still works great as a subtle highlighter. And for £3, you can't really go too wrong, can you? 

This highlighter is very hyped up, but for very good reason. This, ladies and gents, is the QUEEN of highlighters. This stuff is crazy pigmented- it packs a serious punch, which is exactly what I love in a highlighter. It has the most amazing golden tone to it that leaves you feeling like a summery goddess. Excuse me, just off to stroll along the beach and pretend I'm Blake Lively. (Disclaimer: I look exactly 0% like Blake Lively and there are no nearby beaches that aren't covered in empty bottles of Buckfast, but a girl can dream, right?).

Setting sprays are always handy if you really need your makeup to last. It's summertime, the days are long and hot and, let's be real, who's got the time or patience for touch-ups? However, I find so many setting sprays like that take away all the radiance and leave your face looking a bit flat. But not this stuff. This spray is made for giving a dewy finish to the skin, while still helping makeup to last. It's also really handy for perking things up on those dry-skinned days when your skin just isn't feeling your foundation and you're left with a dreamy case of cake-face. AND  to top it off, it's only £7. I suggest you get yourself to your nearest Boots (did you know Boots stock Nyx now? Can I get a woop woop?) and pick this up.

What are some of your favourite highlighting products?

P.S. New drinking game: take a drink everytime I say the word 'glowy' in this post. Excuse me while I go buy a very comprehensive thesaurus.

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