3 Ways to Wear Culottes for Autumn/Winter

I'm not generally one to step too far outside my comfort zone when it comes to fashion (or when it comes to anything, really. I am the opposite of a risk-taking adrenaline junkie- I'm the person who waits for the green man at the crossing even when there's no cars coming.) I have a tendency to stick to basics that I know work for me. 

3 Super Simple Baking Recipes

I'm a big lover of baking- partially because it's a great stress reliever, but mostly because I love cake. It's fun to experiment and try more challenging recipes but sometimes, you just want to whip up something nice and simple.

I have a few  go-to, easy recipes that I gravitate towards whenever I fancy something sweet to munch on. Usually it's because Bake Off is on. Never put on Great British Bake Off without preparing yourself with snacks-rookie mistake. Here's 3 recipes to fulfil all your Bake Off related, snacking needs. Prepare to be hungry. 

10 Things to Do When You Feel Like Crap

We all have those days when we're just feeling, frankly, a bit crap. You don't quite feel yourself, you're lacking motivation to get anything done and you just aren't feeling 100%. I've had more than a few days like that recently, so I've started to work out a few ways to snap myself out of that feeling and I thought I would share them here in the hope that it can help to cheer someone else up as well. 

On that note, here's 10 things to do when your emotional state basically resembles the little poop emoji.