August Goals

August Goals

I fully acknowledge that beginning a monthly post with a 'the last month went so quickly' comment is a cliché of the most gargantuan proportions, but bloomin' eck, didn't last month go by quickly? For me, the last two months, in fact, have gone by in a blink. Having handed in my final university assignment at the end of May, time since then seems to have gone into hyperspeed, even more so than usual. 

Also, in related news, I GRADUATED! I officially have a Bsc in Psychology. I mean, it took me six years to do it but, whatever - I graduated! Now just to find a job. The fear is real.

So adios, July and hello, August. I've got a few things I want to achieve this month, which are slightly more manageable and less heavy than the aforementioned job-hunt and quarter-life crisis. 


1. Read every night 

I began this year with a goal of reading 25 books in 2017. I started out with the best of intentions and have managed 13 books so far but I plateaud at the beginning of June and haven't finished anything since. I'm adamant that I'm going to get back into the habit of reading before bed and am on the hunt for lots of books to read- if anyone has any suggestions, hit me up. 

2. Sort out my sleep

That might sound like a strange one but, in short, my body clock is fucked. I've always been more of a night-owl who could easily sleep until the afternoon, but more recently I had been trying to train myself to become more of an early riser. Again, the last couple of months have felt a bit odd for me,  so I've been slipping back into my terrible teenage habits of staying up until the wee hours and sleeping until 11. If this continues, aside from the fact that it will completely eradicate any previous semblance I had of productivity, when I eventually get a 9-5 job, my body will be so confused by the early starts that I'm probably going to feel like I'm dying. 

3. Blog

You may have noticed things have been pretty quiet here lately. Life stresses have meant that any motivation I had to be creative has flown swiftly out the window. But lately I've been feeling my creative juices starting to flow again and I want to get into the habit of writing and posting on here more regularly. If nothing else, it gives my brain something else to focus on other than my soul-destroying job search. (In other news, I've also taken up playing the world's tiniest violin. Woe is me.) 

4. Instagram

Much like my blog, my Instagram has been very much neglected as of late. I didn't post once in July and my grid is looking a) very unloved, as I haven't posted anything new since June and b) disjointed, because my last two photos have both been of doughnuts and I'm concerned I'm starting to look like a crazy doughnut lady. Time to spice it up. Keep your eyes peeled, there will be some outfit photos on there in due course (weather permitting because, in typical Scottish fashion, someone's decided 'You've had two days of sun- I think that's quite satisfactory. How about a month of torrential rain?') 

5. Go on a cruise

This is less of a goal, and more of an excited announcement/subtle humble-brag, but I'm off on a cruise around the Mediterranean with my family and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. It's going to be amazing to get some sun, see some sights, relax and have some quality time with the fam. And, of course, when on a cruise, one must do as the cruisers do - eat your weight in delicious food. I'm going to get so fat, and I'm not even sorry. Surely healthy eating can wait until September, no?

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