The Outfit I Haven’t Stopped Wearing this Month

Aviator Jacket, Baker Boy Hat, Red Boots

 Outfit Details
Jacket- Tesco;  Jumper- ASOS;  Jeans- ASOS;  Boots- New Look (old, similar here);  Hat- Topshop; Bag- New Look (old, similar here

It’s 2018 folks! And it’s only taken me a month to get a new blog post up. Hey, my first post of last year was in March- I call that progress! I’ve been very silent here, and on social media, this month- a life update is probably in order, but for now let’s settle for a good old-fashioned ramble about clothes.

I treated myself to a few new pieces in the Christmas sales and I basically haven’t taken them off for the whole month of January. Partially, this is because this month’s weather has consisted of snow storms, rain storms and temperatures that make you want to add a second duvet to your bed and wonder how many pairs of Primark’s super-cosy socks you can feasibly wear at one time.  But mostly, it’s because together, they create an awesome combo that makes me feel super-cool. (Although, while I may feel cool, I will never actually be cool. Because I am the person who uses phrases like ‘super-cool’.) 

I’m not sure why I became so desperate to get my hands on one of these (it was probably Instagram’s fault, as usual), but when the Christmas sales came, I made it my mission to find one of these bad boys that I liked, that didn’t cost a small fortune. I tried one from MIssguided that I wasn’t 100% keen on, and when it costs £60, I better be so happy with it that I’m ripping the tags off so I can wear it immediately. Uhm-ing and ahh-ing just isn’t going to cut it. So back that went, and my search continued until this lovely came up on my Google search. From Tesco of all places?!

I’m not usually one to get snobby about supermarket brand clothing, but I couldn’t believe this was from Tesco. And in the sale for £29 no less- it was a no-brainer. I did have to stalk the page for a day until it came back in stock in my size, but it was worth it. The whole jacket is lined with faux fur, which makes it so cosy that it’s like going out in your dressing gown, but without the social judgement- a complete godsend in the aforementioned Baltic temperatures. I was a bit concerned the lining would make it look bulky, and a little bit ‘could I be wearing any more clothes?’, but the fit is pretty perfect. A little bit oversized, but not so much that you’re left looking like the marshmallow man. 

Because I’ve taken about a year and a half to get this post written up, the black version is sold out in most sizes on the website, but definitely keep your eyes peeled in case your size comes back in stock.

Aviator Jacket, Baker Boy Hat

Yes, yes- literally everyone is wearing one of these at the moment. But there’s a reason for that: quite simply, it’s because it just looks cool. It has the superb ability to make even the most basic of outfits look interesting, while giving that effortless ‘cool-girl’ vibe that I’m always trying to emulate (though whether I ever succeed at that is up for debate. Let’s just say, I’m no Megan Ellaby). 

I’d been after something in this style for a while and, over the month of December, tried on approximately 892 versions from different brands. Unfortunately, not all baker boy hats are made alike and those I tried varied from being so small I looked like I possessed a giant moon for a head, to so large that I looked like a toddler trying on their father’s hat (but not nearly as adorable). At long last, I finally found this £15 gem in Topshop. 

This bad boy has garnered a variety of reactions, comparing me to everything from a train conductor to Oliver Twist. Me, I like to think I’m channelling Anastasia- just get me that green coat and I’m set. Whichever fictional character I resemble while wearing it, I like to think it looks pretty damn good anyway.

Aviator Jacket, Baker Boy Hat, Red Boots

The Red Boots

When winter hits, I immediately start living in ankle boots. Much as I love them, even I admit that a plain black ankle boot can get boring after a while. A funky ankle boot is a great way to jazz up a basic outfit. Red boots have been super on trend this winter- they’ve been all over my Instagram feed and, because I am a sheep, I couldn’t resist picking a pair up. 

I ordered these from New Look before Christmas when I had a cheeky 20% off code and fell in love. I am, however, sad to say that I am in an unhealthy relationship with these boots. Much as I love them, they are one of the most un-functional items of footwear that I own. The suede material takes on dirt as soon as you even look at a puddle- they’re suitable for dry days only, which isn’t particularly helpful when you live in Scotland. They are also deceptively uncomfortable- they seem fine for the first half hour, but if you walk in these for any longer than that, you end up hobbling around like an old woman, screaming ‘they are killing my feet, one step at a time!’ (Or, alternatively, because you are not a complete drama llama like myself, you will state that they are mildly uncomfortable and change into the flat shoes you sensibly brought with you. Don’t be like me, folks.) Contrary to the words of Nancy Sinatra, these boots are not, in fact, made for walking. But they look great, so that’s the main thing. Fashion over function, amirite?

These were bought a while ago, so they’re no longer available on New Look’s website, but Primark have a very similar pair in store which a) have a slightly lower heel so are much less likely to murder your feet and b) are about half the price. So fly, my pretties, fly!

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