3 Ways to Wear Leopard Print

I remember when I was younger, I would look at leopard print clothing and think it was a bit tacky. My mind would always go to Janice from Friends. Now? All I can say is ‘OH. MY. GAWD’. Because I’m in love with leopard print.

And a good thing too, because animal print is everywhere this season. And I do mean EVERYWHERE. You would think the widespread ubiquity of leopard print might put me off. Well, you would be wrong. All it does it make me want to spend all of my money. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend has an intervention planned.

The Leopard Shirt

This beauty was my first foray into the world of animal print clothing. (Although as I say that out loud, and by that I mean type, it doesn’t quite sound correct. If anyone remembers me wearing leopard print clothing before this, please let me know and I can resign myself to the fact that my memory is clearly withering away.)

How to wear leopard print- leopard tie front shirt

I deliberated quite a lot over this shirt; I tried it on initially and was left flashing the world. I miss the days when brands made shirts that didn’t show off half your bra. (Topshop, I’m looking at you.)
Because of the aforementioned flashing situation, I have to do the mildly annoying thing of layering a cami-top underneath.  But despite minor annoyances, I do love this shirt and I wore it rather a lot this summer. Very cool, much casual. (I’m not sure why I’m morphing into doge. Can we tell I haven’t written for this blog in a while?)

How to wear leopard print- leopard tie front shirt

My point is, it was great for casual summer days when I just couldn’t be assed to make an effort. That being said, I still smartened it up a bit with a blazer. Because I can’t not add a blazer.

How to wear leopard print- leopard tie front shirt
Blazer- New Look (old, similar here), Shirt- New Look (sold out, but link is here), Jeans- New Look (old, similar here), Sandals- Primark (old), Bag- H&M 

Side note: I bought this shirt so long ago, and I’ve taken so bloody long to write this post, that it is no longer in stock. And let’s be honest here: as I write this, it’s pouring with rain. I think summer is pretty much done so, unless you’re lucky enough to have a late summer holiday planned, it probably wouldn’t be much use to you now anyway. But the link is there regardless, in case it miraculously comes back in stock.

The Leopard Skirt

This, my friends? This is the leopard skirt of dreams. Dreams, I tell you!

How to wear leopard print- leopard midi skirt

So the story here is as follows: I saw a leopard print skirt from Zara on someone’s Instagram. (I can’t remember exactly who it was but, knowing me, it was probably Hannah Gale.) I wanted the skirt. I eventually managed to order the skirt. It looked absolutely horrendous on me. I returned the skirt. But I was adamant that I wanted a leopard print skirt that actually looked good.

And after that, I went on an epic quest to find the perfect leopard print skirt. I was on a mission from God (he’s into leopard print too, obvs.)

And lo and behold… there was nothing. Despite every single brand jumping on the animal print trend, there were no leopard print midi skirts to be found anywhere on the internet. (At least, none that didn’t cost half my rent. I’m not about that life.)

How to wear leopard print- leopard skirt and blazer

Until, eventually, Urban Outfitters came to the rescue with this gal. And she is a beaut. It’s somewhere in-between a midi and maxi and I’m a little bit obsessed with it.

Again, I’ve semi-dressed it up here with a blazer (quelle surprise) and a little pair of heels, but it looks equally banging dressed down with white trainers and a leather jacket.

How to wear leopard print- leopard midi skirt and lilac blazer
Blazer- Topshop (sold out, but link here), T-shirt- Mango (old), Skirt- Urban Outfitters, Shoes- Topshop (old) Bag- Primark (old)

Coloured Leopard Print

This was one of those dresses that I saw online and immediately thought ‘I need that in my life’.

How to wear leopard print- coloured leopard dress

This is a wrap dress and wrap dresses and I don’t always get on. Every fashion magazine ever has recommended wrap dresses for big busted ladies, and I can personally say that is a dirty, dirty lie. Never have I found a wrap dress that hasn’t pulled apart and flashed the girls within one minute of wear. I’m sad to say, this babe of a dress is no exception to that.

But you know when you fall in love with a dress and you’re adamant that you’re going to make it work? Well, I made it work. I tried to safety pin it, but that didn’t work very well with this kind of material. Alas, I had to settle for layering a cami-top underneath, which makes me die inside a little bit, but it’s that or ‘hello world!  Who wants to know what colour bra I’m wearing today?’

How to wear leopard print- leopard midi dress

The print is pretty loud and I did get some odd looks on the train when I wore this out to dinner one night. But I’m just obsessed with it; it’s a little bit trendy, a little bit boho and it’s super flattering.

This dress wasn’t purchased all that long ago. (At least, I don’t think it was. But time seems to be disappearing into oblivion at the moment, so what do I know? It could be December for all I know. Merry Christmas.) But annoyingly, it went out of stock very quickly. However, I will link something that’s similar, and equally as dreamy.

How to wear leopard print- leopard wrap dress
Dress- Nasty Gal (sold out, similar here), Shoes (old)

And here ends my word-vomit about some of the leopard print items I’ve bought recently. Are you as obsessed with the leopard print trend as I am?

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