What I Read in 2018

2018 wasn’t a very effective year for me in terms of reading. Until October, I hadn’t read a single book all year. However, since then, I’ve so been enjoying getting back into the swing of reading. I’ve taken to spending my lunch breaks and train journeys with my face in a book instead of scrolling mindlessly on my phone, and I’m glad for it.

So, on that note, let’s chat about what I read in 2018.

Stack of books- Turtles all the way down, Unf*ck your habitat, the roanoke girls, you do you

The plot centres around Lane Roanoke, a 15-year-old who goes to live with her grandparents after her mother’s suicide. She begins to learn of unspoken dark truths about her mysterious family and finds out what it means to be a Roanoke girl. 11 years later, after her cousin goes missing, she is forced to go back. The present-day narrative is interspersed with flashbacks of Lane’s first summer with her grandparents, and entries from other Roanoke girls.

This book took me a couple of tries to get into; the first time, I managed about 50 pages and then fell out of the habit of reading. However, when I picked it up again in October, I was very quickly enthralled. This book sounds like your run-of-the-mill psychological thriller, à la anything by Gillian Flynn, but it had twists and turns that were far more thought-provoking than expected. A very well-executed addition to the genre. This page-turner had me staying up until the wee hours to finish it. Definitely worth a read.